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Burger house and premium fast food restaurant, Namaho opened their doors in 2020, two weeks before the first lockdown. Despite the challenges they not only survived, but are now thriving.

Namaho are one of our Enterprise clients, meaning that the scope of work we provided covered everything from their first idea to start a business, branding and product naming to marketing before launch, their first website, first months of social media management and more. We didn’t even say no to product testing. We’re professionals.

Read below to find out more about our work with Namaho.


Starting from just an idea, we had to work through multiple naming and design phases to reach an agreed upon brand. 

Our philosophy is that branding can’t be a dicatorship, especially with new, small businesses. Clients must have a say in the designing of the final product because they deserve to. 

We believe in guiding businesses to find their voice, not forcing ours on them. 

Products were also named in accordance with the theme of the restaurant and we paid attention to small details that would enhance the experience of future customers. 

Interior Concepts

We advised in favour of a certain style of interior design and provided digital mockups of the interior with suggestions on materials, colours, furniture and lighting.

Left – Original rented space

Right – Our concept

Our service also included product and material sourcing, as well as mediating deals between our clients and other service providers and manufacturers. 



Shop Front

As for exterior design, we continued with digital mockups and illustrations as guides and a proof of concept, finding that the design materials were fit to be used in marketing, too. 

We again guided towards a certain look, provided support in sourcing materials, contacting providers on behalf of our client and finding solutions to issues of adapting digital designs to the real world. 


Packaging Design

Following the naming phase for products in the menu, we worked on designing packaging concepts. 

Just as in designing the interior and exterior, our services also covered reaching out to suppliers that fit the needs of our client in terms of quality, materials and of course price and availability. 

Packaging design also led to conceiving new product bundles as a side effect of the process as well as the mockups becoming content in their own right to be used in social media.


Product Photography

We also provided photo services for Namaho with their first range of products, creating mouth-watering pictures of their burgers and other dishes to use in the initial social media campaigns, but also later for various posts and even print materials. 

Photo services also included documenting the beginnings of a new business, to be used in later “Our Story” type posts or website pages. 

Raising the bar

We’re constantly looking for ways to innovate when it comes to brand identity, marketing and product presentation and we’re always pushing the boundaries on what clients can expect when shopping around for food. 

That’s why we’re implementing 3D models into our strategy to make Namaho’s products even harder to resist.

Check out our new 3D scan of their flagship burger

Social Media

Even in small towns like where Namaho operates, there is still huge competition when it comes to restaurants. This means that our social media game needs to be strong.

We work closely with Namaho to understand their current sale reports and their needs moving forward. By using Facebook, Instagram and TikTok we manage to stay relevant to their target audience. 

There’s also the weekend food related meme that keeps people waiting to see what we come up with next. 

And much, much more

Starting a business like Namaho takes time and energy and more than one person to manage brand, content and marketing as well as customer service all at once. 

Namaho chose Musket as a long term partner to help outline the business idea as well as to paint the picture with content and a coherent marketing strategy.

The services they needed and more are all included in our Enterprise pack, a predefined bag of goodies that we’ve put together, along with two others, to help you get started if you’re unsure about what your business needs. 

Check out the starter packs below.

And a word from our client

With Musket we have not only a good collaboration, but a true partnership. They excel at creativity and professionalism, they understand your business needs and they adapt and innovate. In other words, Musket truly brings value to business.

With Musket we have not only a good collaboration, but a true partnership. They excel at creativity and professionalism, they understand your business needs and they adapt and innovate. In other words, Musket truly brings value to business.

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