Musket is a team of young professionals, trained in a range of creative fields, that have come together to bring you the best content and advertising services, wherever you are in the world.

We believe there's no limit to what the Internet and its barrier-breaking power can help us achieve in building your company to be stronger, more visible and recognizable as a brand among all the other competition out there.




It’s about who you are, what makes your company unique among its competitors. Our branding service takes care of every detail from naming and visual identity to brand management and awareness.


Reach thousands of new and existing customers through an efficient emailing program. Get a professional @yourdomain.com address, organise your contacts and send out beautifully designed emails to let everyone know about your product.


Your website is probably the first thing a potential client sees when researching their options. Have yours made by our professional team of web builders and let us dress it up with a design tailored to your business.


It’s easy to throw in just any old stock photos and copied text to fill your website, but customers want professional content and substance that they can relate to. We’re ready to take your ideas and build them into whatever it is you need, be it photo, video content or copywriting.


Expand your online presence with a social media strategy. We’ll create and take care of your Facebook page, Twitter feed and YouTube channel to make sure the word is out that you’re a serious market player.


Imagine a potential customer searching online for a product or service just like yours, only to have the competition appear at the top of the list.  Letting us take care of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) means you can rest assured that your website pops up at the top of the list. Every time.


If you've just set up a business for the first time, there's a lot of work to do. And there's pressure to get it done. We're offering to take some weight off your shoulders and let you concentrate on giving your clients the product they're waiting for. By helping your product reach the eyes and ears of your customers, we give you more time to be the best at what you do.

Already in the game but struggling lately?  There might be some competition on the market with better visibility, pulling customers away from you. Maybe it's time for a professional redesign and a well-thought-out campaign.

We'll take it from here.

Costi Teleman, Founder & CEO - IntelligentBee

Working with Marius and the Musket team meant that we were able to get the result we had envisaged from the start. When it came to putting pen to paper, Musket worked closely with our own expectations to create content that felt tailor-made, not just "industry standard". Musket stand out because of their ability to truly listen to the client's needs


Musket helped us when we needed content for our specific campaign. They were able to understand what we wanted and to make those ideas into something that worked in our situation. I was pleased with their efficiency and we’ll be happy to work with them again in the future


We work very well with the Musket team to get our content ready for posting. A newsroom runs on a tight schedule and they understand this. There's an easy flow of ideas between Viva and Musket and that means that graphics, video and other kinds of work get done without any friction or breakdowns in communication




Set up social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.)

Social media management (daily posts and message management)

Content creation for social media pages

Advertorials in the press and blogosphere

Graphic design for Facebook and Instagram promotional materials (profile picture, cover, post templates)

Video production

Photo sessions (your office, team and products)

Logo design or redesign

Naming and branding (renaming, rebranding)

Website creation and hosting

Copywriting for your new or existing website

Radio ads - production and broadcasting

Email marketing - account setup and campaign management (SendGrid)

SEO - Result optimization and content services


Marius Mitrofan and Iosif Prodan both have backgrounds in writing, communication and film work.

Musket came about in early 2018 as a means of offering content creation and advertising services on the international market. Working with an extended team of talented professionals from a whole range of domains, Musket is better able to tailor and deliver the services its clients need than other agencies.

The flexibility of this model means that customers are offered better fitting content in all cases.



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